Out of the Darkness

Post Temple of the Earth

I need to make the mobs stronger.

After getting to Briem during their summer solstice festival, Pop hits on Fauna at the bar, Snap pees on a table, Pop punches a dude, and Fauna and Crackle make out. The whole thing ends up with everyone blacking out and finding themselves bound and blindfolded. You meet Weilhelm, a mysterious group of black masked red clothed baddies, and some guy in bandages. Solving puzzle after puzzle the group forged forward, eventually fending off of celestial beings and curb stomping fools. The grab the phat lewt and head into a mysterious town of Cantus where they need to decide whether or not to head down the sketchy hole leading underneath the city.

XP Rewards
Snap – 1050
Crackle – 1050
Pop – 1050 + 200 (awesome note taking and curb stomp) = 1250
Fauna – 1050 + 200 (solving the puzzle like a boss) = 1250

Item Rewards
2 – Flasks filled with red liquid
1 – Mysterious brown gem (+2 Str)
1 – Wooden ducky
1 – Coin of a devil and flames



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